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Meya City Stunt

Some information about Meya City Stunt

The gameplay

Welcome to Meya City Stunt to enjoy the amusing tracks in the city. Control your car to get to the checkpoint and receive the coins to purchase other cars.

If you want to participate in a driving game like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race, you can choose this game. The game will help you to entertain and express stress. Can you become an excellent driver? Let's join the game now to check.

Firstly, you can conquer many levels in this game. There are 13 levels available for you to try. To complete the level, you must navigate the car to reach the checkpoint. However, everything is not simple. You must find the direction yourself in the city. There are many roads with junctions and bends. They are quite similar and make you confused. You must use your memory to finish the level. In addition, you can also base on the statistics to know the distance between your car and the checkpoint.

Secondly, another game mode is Free mode. In this game, you do not complete any task or get to the checkpoint. You drive the car freely to discover the city or the highway overpasses. You can also join this mode to practice until you become a master. Good luck!

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to control.

Some features of Meya City Stunt

Many great sports cars

When you finish the track, you will receive gold coins as a reward. Then, use them to buy other cars. They have an attractive appearance and strong power. You can change the car to conquer the level effectively. Remember that the greater car you purchase, the more coins you must pay. Therefore, you have to accumulate as many coins as possible to buy them.

The amusing task

The special mission makes you can't stop playing this game. It stimulates you to complete the task and immerses you. So play the game to test your abilities. Try your best to get the highest score.