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Some facts about Minesweeper

The principle

Welcome to Minesweeper to get new experiences with simple gameplay. Try to find out the mine's position on the grid by your excellence and avoid them.

The gameplay is simple. You click on a cell, and that box will show how many mines are around it. From that data, you have to open it gradually, even guessing if there are too many mines. And your task is to unlock all the cells that do not contain many mines.

Although the gameplay is not too complicated, there are not many people who can play through the level because really conquering Minesweeper requires your brain to work hard. If you are working and want entertainment to relax your mind, let's play this game. Like LOLBeans, this game is already available on platforms such as browsers, apps, etc. In addition, the gameplay is suitable for many people, so you can invite your friends to join and play together.

How to control

The mouse to play.

Some tactics to win in Minesweeper

Memorize the formulas in the game

If you play the game for a long time, you will probably know where the mines are located through the numbers around the opened squares. Because these numbers will tell you how many mines will be around this open square. However, if you are new and do not know yet, try to memorize them now. It will take you quite a while to recognize this formula. However, when you have mastered the game, you will surely not need to think much about where the mines are located.

Plant the flag wisely and effectively

Placing a flag is an operation that helps you mark locations with mine so that you do not have to press them again mistakenly. If you want to flag more efficiently, then use the double-click.