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Some information about MiniGiants.io

The rules

Play MiniGiants.io to join in the battle of mini warriors. Your duty is to fight against foes who have the same size as you and become the strongest warrior.

In this game, you have to defeat enemies to become stronger. You should remember that you can only attack guys that are the same size as you or more minor. You will start with a minimum of 1. The more opponents you attack, the larger your size will be. In addition, you also need to avoid the bigger guys because they can take you down easily due to the size difference. Pay attention to the number next to others to know their size. Do not attack subjectively and without a strategy. Use your intelligence to be able to attack and defend successfully.

In addition, as you level up to become bigger and stronger, you can collect treasure chests and powerful magical items. They will make you invincible. Missing them is your mistake. Collect as many treasure chests as you can. After finishing all tasks, you also can play Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer to entertain and express stress.

How to control: Use the left mouse to play.

Some tips to win

  • Focus on leveling up and target low-level players early on.
  • Collect shiny stones to gain experience to level up.
  • Keep an eye out for collecting chests that your enemies drop, you will earn a lot of gold coins.

Some great features of MiniGiants.io

Many powerful items

There are countless super-powerful magical items with different rarities: unique, epic, legendary, and mythical. You can choose more if you can unlock all the arenas in the game. Equip a lot of things to make your character stronger. Your character will fight more intensely when upgraded.

Many treasure chests

If you love opening surprise gifts, then you can try buying mystery chests. You will not be able to predict what you will receive. However, the gifts in the chest are great, they can be amazing items or many gold coins.