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Money Movers 1

Some exciting information about Money Movers 1

Some rules of the game

Money Movers 1 is a two players game featuring many levels. Coordinate with your partner to collect many coin bags, unlock the bonus bag, and escape prison.

You will play with another to control two characters in the same device. They are two criminal brothers who are trying to escape from prison. Can you and your teammate help the two of them escape safely? Use your skills and find clever strategies to escape. The prison will have a few bags of gold coins. Before reaching the exit, you need to collect them all to complete the goal. You need to jump over the bar to collect the gold bags and then reach the exit. However, the higher levels, the more challenges you face. In the following levels, all of you will have to carry each other to collect gold coins, or one of the two will have to press the green or yellow button to unlock the door for the other. The first levels will have hints for you, but the next levels will have to think to find a way to escape. In addition, once all of you stand in front of the exit, the door will open. Let's support each other to pass the level. It is said that the game will help you boost your teamwork. Hope that you will entertain and practice some skills.

Furthermore, you will get the bonus bag if you pass 20 levels and accumulate 60 gold bags. Try to get the bonus bag as your reward for you. Like Just Fall LOL, you also can play this game on the browser web.

How to play

Player 1: Use WASD to play.

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to play.

Some fantastic tips to win in Money Movers 1

Press some buttons on the prison

During the escape, you will probably face closed doors. One of you needs to press the yellow button, so the other can pass it. Or there will be extremely high horizontal bars that the character cannot jump on, go ahead and press the green button to lower the elevator. The game requires all of you to be highly focused and understand each other's intentions.

Carry each other to overcome obstacles

You can see some high bars that make you can not jump. Let's carry each other to jump. Using this tip, you can pass the obstacles easily and reach the exit quickly.