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Some interesting things about Monopoly

Monopoly is a traditional board game in which players compete to stay financially solvent and develop property based on their luck and dice.

How to play Monopoly

When you enter this game, you will first select the number of players from three options: two, three, and four. Following that, the next board appears, where you must give each player a name and select a color and token. After completing this step, each player symbol will have $1500 and the game will begin immediately.

A table with many cells containing virtual properties will be created. Throw the dice and move your Token based on the number of dots on the dice. If the dice land on an asset, the player has the option to purchase it. Furthermore, if the dice lands on an already owned property, he must pay the rental fee to the owner. Players will take turns playing until the board is empty. Have a good time! Besides, if you want to play more of this kind of game, you can check out Elastic Man, Bubble Shooter, and Cooker Clicker.