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Monster Truck Racing

Some information about Monster Truck Racing

Some rules

Welcome to Monster Truck Racing where you can travel by truck through many paths. Navigate your truck to race faster than others and collect many coins.

In this game, you have two basic tasks. The first one is to be the first to reach the finish line. To complete this mission, you need to navigate the truck and maximize the speed in order to overcome your opponents. You should be careful because your opponent is also very fast. They can leave you behind. However, do not race hastily because if you lose control, your car will overturn and explode. The game will end immediately. So agility must be accompanied by dexterity to be able to complete the challenge. In addition, you will face many challenging terrains, bumpy roads, dangerous steep slopes, etc. In addition, another mission is to accumulate as many gold coins as possible. The number of gold coins in this game is limited. If you are the last or you are slower than your opponents, you cannot get any coins because they had got them. Remember that the more coins you can get, the more eye-catching and powerful trucks you can unlock. You can use them as another character to complete the game. The engines can be upgraded when you have enough coins. Therefore, you must collect many coins if you want to change the truck or boost it.

Like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race, this game brings you new and exciting experiences. You will gradually become a genuine racer when participating in the game. Continue the journey to conquer the challenging race tracks in the game.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play.

Some tips to win in Monster Truck Racing

Upgrade your truck

You can modify or upgrade a few elements to give your truck more power after choosing the truck. You can alter the wheels or color of your truck. You can beat as many difficult levels as you can if you enhance various engines.

Hold the brake to avoid overturning

If you drive too fast, you may lose control. You should hold the A key or left arrow key to decrease your truck's speed. As a result, you can avoid rollover. Good luck!