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Moto Trial Racing 2

Some outstanding information about Moto Trial Racing 2

The game rules

Moto Trial Racing 2 brings a number of race bikes with high competition. The game requests you to finish the race track safely and advance to the next level.

The game with two different game modes will give you an interesting experience. In the first game mode, One Player, you join the game alone and compete with others controlled by the system. Their speed is breakneck, so you need to try your best to overcome them. Use the skills you have to defeat them and win. The second game mode is Two Player mode. In this mode, you will be accompanied by another person. Two people will control the character on the same device. The person who gets to the finish line first will be the winner. In addition, to make the game more interesting, you can choose the difficulty level. These include Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. They will not let you down with increasing difficulty and challenge. You can try playing all of them to get many new experiences. Moreover, if you are a big fan of speed games, you can try playing Smash Karts after completing all tasks in this game.

How to control

Player 1:

S, F, E, D to steer.

Shift to nitro.

W, R to kick other riders.

C to respawn.

Player 2:

The arrow keys to steer.

Spacebar to nitro.

N, M to kick other riders.

H to respawn.

Some challenges in Moto Trial Racing 2

Many levels with difficult and hazardous terrains

You should remember that only you can finish the level, can you move to the following level. Many exciting levels are waiting for you. At each level, you will face countless challenges and different terrain. There are many risks and challenging terrains with more bends and curves. You will have to conquer them before reaching the finish line.

Some tips to overcome the challenging levels

  • You should use the keys flexibly to help the character reach the finish line. Be as skillful as possible to complete the task.
  • Kick your opponent to make them fall. You will get past them while they're struggling to get up.
  • Accelerate on the slopes, so your bike doesn't lose control. Brake or slow down at turns or bumpy terrain.