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Mr. Dracula

Interesting features of Mr. Dracula

An entertaining shooting game with a Halloween theme is called Mr. Dracula. You control your Dracula to murder the bad guys. Take your gun, and shoot all.

Join the game Mr. Dracula to become a terrifying Dracula and shoot great bullets at all adversaries, such as mummies or straw people. You won't be able to move when the procedure turns into Dracula and you start playing the game. You will only be able to aim while remaining still. Utilize the terrain to your advantage so you can take out multiple foes with one shot. Additionally, you only have a certain number of bullets to use to eliminate them all. You will lose if you use up all of your opponent's remaining ammunition.

The game features up to 50 levels, each of which is tougher than the previous due to the rising number of adversaries and the harsh terrain. You have an amazing time with the gorgeous 2D graphics and Halloween-themed noises.

How to play

To change the gun's direction, tap or click.