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Ninja Hands

Some things about Ninja Hands

The rules

Ninja Hands offers an intensive fight, where you can show your abilities. In this game, you must use spells to beat other opponents before they do.

Control the hands to create the skills. These spells can help you to clean all enemies. When starting the game, you will get three spells. You can shoot fireballs, throw shurikens or use a samurai sword. Then, when you play at the higher levels. Your spells will add two others. You have to use them quickly before your opponents touch you. If you are so slow, you will lose. As a result, the game is over. In contrast, if you win, you will earn a lot of coins. Use them to change the skins or purchase other spells with powerful features. Good luck!

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How to control

QWER to launch spells.

T or Y to use the special spell.

Hold the left mouse button to move direction.

Left-click to use in-game buttons.