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Nitro Street Run 2

Some interesting about Nitro Street Run 2

Come to Nitro Street Run 2 to enjoy the advanced version of Nitro Street Run. Your objective is to drive a racing car reaching the end of the street.

What are you waiting for without becoming a racer and playing this interesting driving game? You are one of the three professional racers competing in this game. This driving game has extremely straightforward rules. Just keep in mind that you win if you cross the finish line first as quickly as possible. You can find valuable items like coins and speed boosters on the highway. Collecting it will enable you to cross the finish line sooner, so do not delay. On the highway, there is undoubtedly a lot of traffic flowing. As you are traveling at a rapid pace, you must dodge them. Let's use your arrow keys to direct your racing car to move left and right. You will lose the game if your automobile hits one of them.