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Noughts And Crosses Christmas

Some things about Noughts And Crosses Christmas

The game rules

Participate in Noughts And Crosses Christmas if you are looking for a fun game for the Christmas occasion. Create a line with 3 shapes before your rival does.

This game is similar to the Tic tac toe game for children. So, the rules are very simple. On a 3x3 grid, you need to fill in the empty cells to create a row of 3 identical shapes. For example, you will try to make a row of 3 the same shapes to win. It does not matter if it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal as long as you do it before your opponent. Try to prevent your opponent from success and win to get a high score. If you want to be a winner, analysis and quick thinking are necessary factors. On the other hand, playing this game will give you a great mental workout. You can compete against the server to earn points and advance in rank. On the same device, you can play against another friend as well. You can compete live against hundreds of people worldwide in this game.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

The tips to win in the game

Firstly, a novice opponent will probably take the initiative and move first. Therefore, instantly place your X in the center box. Put the second X in a corner if your opponent responds by placing a second O opposite their initial move (creating an O-X-O). Secondly, move the X into another corner square if your opponent sets a third O in a block that prevents you from winning. You can secure your opponent in this way and make a double diagonal.

Some features of Noughts And Crosses Christmas

The interesting game modes

  • 1 Player mode: You still have the match to try. However, your rivals will be controlled by the computer. You must defeat it to become the winner
  • 2 Player mode: Unlike 1 Player mode, this mode allows you to play the game with another. Both of you will control it on the same device. Let's try your best to score points.

The achievements

You can obtain some achievements in the game. When you are successful, your achievements will appear in the Achievements section. There are some, such as First win, First lose, Bully, Whitewash, Legend, Come back, Never give up, and Tutored.