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Pac Xon

Some information about Pac Xon

The rules

Play Pac Xon to fight the many ghosts. Your mission is to fill empty space in the playing field, capture ghosts by building the wall, and avoid hitting them.

This is a classic entertainment game for you. You will see on the screen a playground with a wall around it. Your task is to build walls to fill the empty space in the playing field. If you build 80 percent, you have completed that level and will move to the following levels. In addition, you will have difficulties with a lot of ghosts in the playground. They are always looking for ways to sabotage your achievements. If you are in the process of building a wall and it hits the wall before you finish, the wall will disappear. You will fail to build. In addition, you must avoid colliding with them if you do not want to lose your life. Remember that you only have three lives in each level. Use them sensibly to complete your mission. Fill in the space with your wall, then capture the ghosts. They can not collide with you if they are locked. Good luck.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some traits of Pac Xon

Many power-ups for you to collect

Besides filling the empty space, you also need to collect power-ups to boost your character's power. Some of them you can accumulate, such as

  • Yellow balls: When you collect them, the ghost will fear you because you can eat them.
  • The cherry: It helps you to move fast.
  • The orange: The ghost will move lower.
  • The strawberry: The ghost will stop or stand in a while.

Many challenging levels to conquer

There are many levels in this game. You can discover pretty much all of them. Try to complete the mission and go to the next level. However, the number of ghosts will increase with each level. They will make it more difficult for you to build walls and complete quests. Additionally, if you love challenging games like this, you can play Fall Guys Knockout.