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Papa’s Hot Doggeria

The playing rules of Papa's Hot Doggeria


Play Papa's Hot Doggeria to work as a waiter at a fast food restaurant in the stadium! Take customers' orders and make yummy hotdogs, popcorn and drinks.

Griller Stadium has just opened and all season tickets are available. Unfortunately, a man buys up all the tickets, so your character can't get any tickets. Suddenly, you see a hiring announcement for Papa's Hot Doggeria which is a fast-food restaurant in the stadium. Apply for the waiter position and start your work now. It's an opportunity for you to watch the baseball match for free.

As a waiter, you are required to take all customers' orders and make tasty hotdogs, popcorn, and drinks. As you can see, there are four stations in this game.

  • The Order Station: At this station, you have to welcome many customers. They will order different food, so you must take note of their orders on the order note.
  • The Grill Station: After taking customers' orders, you must move to the Grill Station to grill the sausage. Each spot on the grill has a timer to show how long to cook the meat. You need to flip the hot dog at the right time. Wait until its color turns brown and then put it into a bread.
  • The Build Station: At this station, you will add different toppings like mushrooms, pickles, bacon, and onions to the hotdog. Read the order ticket carefully and then choose the correct ingredients the customer requires.
  • The Pop Station: Finally, after completing the hotdog, you have to make delicious popcorn and drinks.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Relevant information about Papa's Hot Doggeria

The shop

In the shop, you can find a variety of furniture, posters, walls, floors, and clothes. They are sold at different prices. You can use the money you earn to purchase them. Especially, in this new version, the furniture is now categorized by theme by means of coloured letter icons, and matching three or more themed items will boost points.

Rank and Badges

You have to work hard to raise your rank from a newbie to Stadium Superstar. Remember that the higher rank you can get, the more money you will claim. Besides, if you do well, you will be rewarded with a lot of badges such as full-time employee, regular worker, long haul, skilful contestant, and so on.

Developer and Platform

This game is the seventh version of the Papa Louie restaurant management series. It was developed by Flipline Studio and was released in November 2012. Like LOL Beans, this game is also available in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.