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Paper.IO 2

Some information about Paper.IO 2

The game rules

Paper.IO 2 is an interesting arcade game. You will control your character to be able to create your territory and try to have as much domain as possible.

The gameplay is straightforward. You need to move your character by using the left mouse on the screen into a square or rectangle to create an area for you. Your domain will have that color depending on the character you choose. But you should also note that while you go to invade the territory, you also have a weakness that makes you lose everything. It is your tail after each move to another territory, the opponent can take advantage of it to destroy all your territory. Of course, you can also do the opposite of the opponent, but you need to have a perfect strategy not to lose. Furthermore, let's invade other people's territory, as long as you do not get your tail cut off. Ultimately, don't be too greedy to get the largest domain.

What's more, this is a multiplayer game that is similar to Hex A Mong. You also play all if you are keen on this type of game.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.

Some tricks to get the largest land

  • After creating a territory for yourself, many other opponents will be watching and can invade anytime. Therefore, the larger the territory, the more difficult it is to manage and the easier it is to defeat.
  • Do not be too greedy to earn a large territory because while you are zoning, someone cuts your tail, and you will lose everything.
  • Subdivide each area to minimize the risk.

Some outstanding features of Paper.IO 2

The statistic in the game

Your score will be in the percentage of the number of territories you capture in the game. The highest score is displayed after each play. Try to break your record. In addition, you also see how long you played in each turn and how many opponents you have killed. The more opponents you kill, the more points you get.

Many skins in the shop

The color of the domain you gain will be the same color as your character's skin. So, to make your area brilliant, you can choose new skins for your character in the Skin section. Everything here is free, and you can choose without meeting requirements such as the number of levels to pass and the number of accumulated points.