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Plants Vs Zombies

Some fantastic facts about Plants Vs Zombies

The gameplay

Plants Vs Zombies brings a fierce battle between plants and zombies. You need to help plants protect the farm and defeat the zombies by arranging the plants.

The evil crop and zombie war are going on fiercely. This game makes a lot of people enjoy more distinctive visuals and sound effects that are upgraded based on the old base, still retaining the unmistakable characteristics of the game.

A unique strategy game is offered to you. You must use your special strategy to grow the right crops. They will be an essential factor, a powerful army to help you defeat other zombies. First, you can grow sunflowers, which produce energy that helps you buy many other crops. After that, continue to buy bullets. They will help you shoot down the enemy. Angry potatoes help you stop the enemy's advance and prevent them from reaching other plants. However, these potatoes can also be defeated. In addition, there are many types of plants with outstanding power that you can discover.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some tactics to defeat the zombies in Plants Vs Zombies

Put the plants in the right place

In this game, you need a special strategy to arrange the position of the plants. To avoid being eaten by zombies, you should put the sunflower in the innermost position. Because sunflowers can barely fight against zombies. Place powerful fighting plants in the outermost row to trounce them.

Remove errant plants by digging them up

At the first level, you may be confused and struggle to find the right plant location. Don't worry about this issue. You can completely remove them even though you have planted them. Use the shovel button to dig them up and move them to your desired location.