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Pumpkin Monster

Interesting things about Pumpkin Monster

Pumpkin Monster is a fun action game developed by JulGames company in which you destroy a pumpkin monster to get gold coins. Have a good time.

Welcome to the Pumpkin Monster game with the Halloween theme. This arcade and clicker game is so interesting and suitable for anyone to get fun. In this game, your task is to continuously click on the pumpkin monster to destroy it. After your click, this monster will be weaker and weaker until it is die. Besides, gold coins from the pumpkin monster also fall down. It is necessary to collect these gold coins because you can use them to buy weapons with great damage such as bombs, an ax, fire, a wolf, or an iron mace. Upgrade your weapons to kill it quicker.

Features of the game

  • Fun clicker game
  • Multi-level and multi weapons
  • Easily played gameplay
  • Amazing 2D Halloween theme graphics

How to play

Tap or click to play