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Race City

Some things about Race City

The gameplay

Welcome to Race City in which you can compete with others to become the first to reach the finish line. You must control the car and try to pass many levels.

In this game, your mission is to control the car to drive in some cities, which is similar to Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race. You must pass four levels consecutively in order to move on to the next city. Each city will have different features and graphics. They make you no longer feel bored. Several cities that you can go through are the modern city, temple city, mountain city, and so on.

Furthermore, to pass the level, you reach the finish line. You do not need to control the speed of the vehicle. You need to release the left mouse button to make the car automatically move and pass the opponent. In contrast, hold the left mouse button to brake if you face an intersection. You should stop to observe, which will help you avoid crashing into other cars. You will go slower than your opponent if you hit a car going in the other direction. This will make you get fewer gold coins due to your lower rank than others. So you need a smart strategy to be able to win.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some outstanding features of Race City

Purchase other powerful cars in the garage

There are up to nine different types of vehicles for you to choose from. They are designed to suit this intense race track. They are usually compact but have great power. In addition, their prices are not cheap. You have to save gold coins to buy them.

Stop in front of the pavement markers

Remember that you must pass the pavement markers safely to continue. Do not crash into other cars. You should slow down and stop in front of the pavement markers to observe and wait for the right moment to overcome. Then, you will avoid colliding with many cars and speed up to reach the finish line.