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Red Ball 2

Some facts about Red Ball 2

The gameplay

Red Ball 2 offers an attractive exploration of a red ball character. Your mission is to control it to avoid the creatures and avoid many hazardous traps.

In the deep jungle, you will encounter many obstacles. They will prevent you from reaching the finish line. You have to come up with an excellent strategy to overcome it all. Firstly, like Fall Race Season 2, you must avoid colliding with the traps. They can be high trees, large gaps, spikes, etc. You must jump over if you want to survive. In addition, you also face many creatures. They will block your way, and threaten your life. You can jump over them to dodge or jump into their head to destroy them.

Moreover, three lives are available for you. You must reach the finish line while ensuring you have enough heart left. You must be cautious to become the winner. Try your best. In addition, you must collect as many stars as possible. They will help you to get high scores. They are valuable rewards for you when you complete the level. After conquering all tasks, you can play another game like LOLBeans.

How to control

WASD to play.

Some features of Red Ball 2

Many challenging levels

The game helps you to express stress and entertain. You will practice your brain while trying to overcome tough challenges. Remember that the higher level you play, the more danger you face. The deep forest will become more frightening. Try to unlock all levels and experience new things in the jungle.

The progress bar

In the top corner of the screen, you will see the bar. It figures out the number of stars you accumulated. You must make it full by collecting all the stars in the jungle. Then, when the progress bar is full, which means you have finished the challenging levels.