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Relic Runway

Some things about Relic Runway

The rules

Welcome to Relic Runway with the participation of an archaeologist character. Navigate your character to run away from the pursuit of the ancient.

In this game, you will control the archaeologist, Jim Tomson, who is surveying some things here. Unfortunately, the ancient people spring to life and start chasing you. With breathtaking chases, the game gets more exciting than ever. You may not have seen these scenes in real life. The background is too impressive and attracts you. Running on stone bridges covered with moss and trees, you need to avoid obstacles. Run as far as you can and break your record.

In addition, on the road, there are many gems, and another mission is to collect them. The more gems you accumulate, the more chance to upgrade and skip tasks. A number of gems will help you to make the game easier. Good luck!

How to play

Use the up arrow key to jump.

Use the down arrow key to crouch.

Use the left arrow key to turn left.

Use the right arrow key to turn right.

Some outstanding features of Relic Runway

The shop in the game

Like Fall Race Season 2, in this game, you can upgrade your character by purchasing some items or skipping some tasks to pass levels quickly.

  • Upgrades: You can boost seven upgrades such as Shield, Magnet, Multiplier, Glove, etc. For example, you can run as a ghost for longer if you use a Shield. Besides, Magnet assists you in collecting more gems. In addition, once you use Multiplier, your score will be doubled.
  • Skip tasks: you can use your gems to exchange then you will complete the task faster. You will unlock more characters and maps as you complete the required quest.

The characters in the game

The characters in this game can not be bought with gems. You must complete all tasks or unlock other maps to select the character. There are 18 characters for you to select. They are archaeologists, tribal people, or treasure hunters. Let's unlock them to play.