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Rocking Sky Trip

Some fun facts about Rocking Sky Trip

The gameplay

Join Rocking Sky Trip to experience an adventurous sky race track. You must control a ball to avoid some obstacles on the track and run as far as possible.

An exciting high-speed track that will not let you down. It gives you more interesting feelings than ever. You will feel the dangers and the thrill of playing the game which is similar to Smash Karts. Your task is to control the ball to avoid dangerous obstacles such as moving pillars, large holes, narrow roads, etc. Be quick to dodge them if you do not want to lose your life. In addition, you also need to collect a lot of gems. They are scattered across the track. If you collect them, your score will increase.

It is said that the game has many interesting things. You will immerse in the game because of the attractive graphics. The sound is also pleasant, which helps you to relax and express stress. Moreover, you do not combine many manipulations to control the ball. So, it is suitable for many people. You can invite your friends to play the game and find out the winner.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some race tracks in Rocking Sky Trip

Four types of race tracks

In this game, you can join four types of race tracks. The first is very simple. There are a few obstacles on this track, and you can pass them quickly. The second has many hammers, smashing down the track constantly and putting you in danger. Next, the track with many boxes. They can hide or show up unexpectedly. If you do not focus, you will crash into them. Finally, the tiles of the track can crash and cause you to lose your life anytime.

Some tactics you can use.

  • Take advantage of the different tiles to jump over the big gaps. If you do not reach them, you can not pass to the following tracks or fall down.
  • Focus on the strange tiles to avoid falling because they are unstable.
  • Use the arrow keys flexibly to avoid a number of obstacles and run the longest distance.