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Skate Hooligans

Some engaging information about Skate Hooligans

The gameplay of the game

Be prepared to play Skate Hooligans with a skate hooligan character. Control him to escape the police's chase and accumulate as many coins as possible.

The hooligan broke the window of a house and was chased by the police. You will control him to run through the roads full of pitfalls, obstacles, and countless moving vehicles. You can cost your life if you do not focus, and then the police will come and arrest you. Do not let that bad thing happen. Run as soon as you can. Use the arrow keys flexibly to help your character avoid obstacles and vehicles. The unlimited running track will keep you entertained. You can run as far as you like. Try to run and dodge the obstacles. You can invite your friends to join the game and check who will get the most bonuses.

In addition, on the road, there are a lot of gold coins. Collect them to purchase some items, change your character's skate, and boost some things.

Try to finish all missions and collect many coins. Then you can also play Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race to get more experience.

How to control

Use any keys to control.

The shop in Skate Hooligans

Power-ups in the game

There are three single-use in the shop, including Fast Scores, Taxi, and Lucky Box. The Fast Scores will help you to increase your score exponentially. The Taxi will help you drive easily, and the Lucky Box will contain tons of surprises inside. All single-use just use in a short time. Besides, you can upgrade many things for your character. Firstly, buy Hearts to live longer. You will not lose quickly. You may maintain your life although you collied with the obstacles. Next, purchase a magnet to collect more gold coins. The gold coins in the road will be accumulated without your touch. Finally, the Multiplier will increase your score quickly, and you can put your name on the leaderboard or get a high rank.


You can skip some missions in this game by buying Skip Mission in the shop. They will assist you in collecting more coins, points, or bonuses.