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Ski Slopes

Some fantastic information about Ski Slopes


Enter Ski Slopes to enjoy extremely attractive skiing with a snowman. Navigate your character, avoid colliding with obstacles and collect many yellow circles.

Have you been skied yet? This game will give you more skiing experience. You will immerse in the beautiful snowy mountain space. To explore the snow mountain, you have to control the snowman and help it to dodge a number of barriers on the track of snow and ice. They are lots of bundles of firewood blocking your way. In addition, you will face terrible blizzards which will drown you if you stumble. If you are covered with snow, you will lose your life. Besides, the game will be more challenging with the appearance of monsters. To overcome the snowy creatures, you must jump over or adjust your distance to jump on the monster's head and kill it. Once you eliminate them, you will get many scores. Try to accumulate as many scores as possible.

Furthermore, you also collect a larger number of yellow circles to change characters, which is similar to LOLBeans. So, to purchase others, do not miss any circles on the snow and ice track. In addition, you can upgrade Jump Power or Backflip Power. When boosting them, you may earn more circles and many points.

How to play

Use the space bar or the left mouse to jump.

Some effective tips to win Ski Slopes

Double click

When you double-click the left mouse button, the character will create beautiful tricks, then you will receive double the number of points. Try to have fantastic jumps and get an impressive score.

Jumping onto the monster's head

To get 100 points quickly, you can jump on the monster and kill it. You should remember that you can only get points if the monster dies, if you crash into it, you will lose your life.