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Slope UFO

Some information about Slope UFO

The gameplay

Accompany UFOs in an exciting exploration of Slope UFO. Control the character, and avoid colliding with meteors and walls to go as far as possible.

The game brings a vast galactic exploration. The character you must control is a UFO. In this endless journey, you must control the UFO to avoid the meteors flying in space. They will appear more and more. You have to be very focused so that the UFO does not collide with them. If you cannot dodge in time, you will lose. As a result, your UFO will explode. In addition, you cannot move freely because there are yellow walls on both sides that make your space become narrower, which causes you to fail so many times. Moreover, you cannot dodge multiple meteors at once unless you have to maneuver the UFO skillfully. Let's come up with a great strategy so as not to hit the yellow wall and meteors. Level up your skills through turns and become proficient at them. If you want to practice your vehicle driving skills, you can also choose Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race.

Finally, invite your friends to play the game to compete. How far can you go? Test your skill in this game now. Good luck!

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to fly.

Release the left mouse button to land.

Some outstanding features of Slope UFO

The graphics and sound effects

The game's graphics captivate and immerse you. The galaxy with countless sparkling stars will create a new playing space for you. The UFO has an eye-catching design and is extremely easy to control.

Live sound effects. You will feel your victories through the sound and the defeat. The UFO explosion sound will remind you to be more careful the next time you play.

Many meteors

The meteors in the galaxy make you consider them when dealing with them. Their quantity will increase, and you must avoid it carefully. The meteors make the game become more thrilling and exciting.