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Sniper Clash 3D

Some information about Sniper Clash 3D

The gameplay

Welcome to Sniper Clash 3D to experience an intense desert battle. The game requests you to destroy all opponents and try to rank as high as possible.

In this game, you will fight a large number of dangerous opponents who are the evil desert nomads. They always try to find a way to destroy you with high-damage bullets. However, you are not alone because there are many of your teammates, which is similar to Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout. Let's try your best to wipe out all enemies in the desert battle. To win, you need to use your shooting skills. You have been equipped with a gun with outstanding and modern features, so use them effectively to destroy as many opponents as possible. After you kill an opponent, you will get more points and be ranked high on the leaderboard. In addition, you can also obtain one of the remarkable achievements listed in the Achievements section, such as making the first kill, winning the match, capturing the enemies' flag, etc. Unlock them all with your victories.

How to control

WASD to move.

The left mouse to shoot.

C to crouch.

Spacebar to jump.

L to exit lock mouse mode.

Some features of Sniper Clash 3D

Invite other people

You can ultimately join the game with your friends or family. You can invite them by copying the room link and joining the game. It will help you to become teammates with your acquaintances, and from there, the battle will become more accessible and more enjoyable. Relationships among people are also more robust. Please invite as many people to join as possible.

Receive golden weapons

The golden weapons are gold guns and cannons. To receive them, you must win 100 games. It is said that these rewards will motivate you to complete the goal and play multiple times to win. The game is highly addictive, making you immersed in it. Join the game now to experience it.