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Some things about Snookey

The rules

Join a brand-new sports game based on Snooker and billiard games in Snookey. Direct the ball to fall into one of the four baskets on each corner of the table.

It is an extremely attractive sports simulation game. Your task is to make the ball fall into one of the four baskets. It sounds easy but it is not really. You can navigate the ball easily however, you have to control the speed of the ball. You can rely on the characteristics of the ball as you drag it to determine its speed. The ball's speed and bounce will correspond to the colors blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Also, in the next levels, your mission will become more difficult. You will have to hit another ball to make them both fall into the basket. There are also many bricks placed on the table to block your view as well as prevent you from touching the remaining ball. So come up with a smart strategy to complete the game.

Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, the game requires a lot of skills. You must align the speed, and the distance between the ball and the basket to score points. However, you can practice becoming more proficient.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some tactics to win in Snookey

Handle your speed of the ball effectively

If you make the ball roll too fast, you will very easily cause it to hit the wall and roll out. Conversely, if you make the ball roll too slowly, it will not be able to fall into the basket. You ought to use sufficient effort to move the ball in the desired direction. If you keep holding the mouse button too long, the ball will rebound after hitting the wall. In addition, if you haven't used enough force, do not release the left mouse button too quickly.

Focus on the ball's color when you hold the left mouse

The ball will change color, then you can base on this sign to determine releasing the ball. The red ball means you are using maximum force. In contrast, the blue ball means you are using minimum force.