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Snowball Destroyer

Interesting things about Snowball Destroyer

Snowball Destroyer is an entertaining arcade game developed by Mirra Games. In this game, you play Santa and throw a snowball as far as you can.

In this game, you must dress up as Santa Claus and throw snowballs at the village. The higher your score, that means the farther the ball flies. Furthermore, the special thing is that the game does not end when the ball hits the ground. Let's move the snowball left and right with your mouse. Continue rolling and avoiding obstacles until the ball comes to a halt. To get the most points possible, you need to make a plan and give some smart strategies. Are you ready to show others your ability? Show us! Finally, there are some great entertainment games we want to recommend to you like Among Cars, 1v1 LOL, and Just Fall LOL.

How to play

Use your computer mouse.