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About Snowball.io

The playing rule in Snowball.io

Welcome to the snow fight with other players in Snowball. io! Try your best to make the biggest snowball and throw it at other players to eliminate them.

If you are a big fan of driving and action games like Smash Karts, play this game now. In this game, you and the other players are gathered in a small iceberg on the ocean. Your mission is to control your snowplough to move around the playing field and gather as much snow as possible. Try to create the biggest snowball and throw it at other players. Be careful! Your rivals also do the same thing with you. Therefore, you should take control of your snowplough to avoid your opponents' snowballs at all costs. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all players on the playing field and become the last survivor. Try your best! Besides, the part of the iceberg will sink after seconds. When you see any part of the iceberg turning red, you should leave this zone as quickly as possible.

This game was developed by Tokyo. It was released in September 2018 for iOS devices, in November 2018 for Android devices, and in January 2019 for the web browser.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control your snow truck.

Some effective strategies to get the first rank in Snowball.io

Try to make a big snowball first

At the start of the game, you don't try to hit your opponents first. Instead, all you have to create the biggest snowball. Keep in mind that the bigger the snowball, the more powerful it is. After, you need to determine your target who has a smaller snowball. Come close to your target and throw your snowball at them. Creating an excessively large snowball not only helps you defeat your rivals easily but also protects you from their attack.

Utilize the sinking iceberg

The parts of icebergs will occasionally sink during the game. Before they fall into the ocean, you will see a red flash. It is an opportunity for you to knock your rival onto the zones that are about to fall off. This will help you eliminate your opponent without much effort.