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Stick Hero

Some things about Stick Hero

The gameplay

Stick Hero offers an amusing playing field with the ninja hero character and many platforms. Grow the stick to help your character overcome them safely.

In this game, you can control an adorable ninja with a red scarf wrapped around his head. You will be equipped with adjustable length sticks by holding your finger on the left mouse button to make it longer. After you release your hand, the stick will fall, and a bridge will appear. Your main task is to take the ninja through each platform to score points.

Everything sounds simple, but it is not really. What makes you pay attention is the ninja character's assistant stick that can be customized to lengthen but cannot be shortened.

Before adjusting the length of the club, you need to think carefully. Because even if the stick is a little shorter or longer, it will cause the Ninja character to fall off the cliff. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually, the platforms with different sizes are randomly arranged. There will be times when you will encounter small and large platforms. In addition, sometimes, the distance between the two platforms changes so quickly that you cannot cope. Keep your character from falling and go through as many platforms as possible. Like Hex A Mong, the game is also available on the web and in browsers.

How to play

Use the left mouse to play.

Some important tricks to win in Stick Hero

Estimate the distance between the platforms

Use the naked eye to observe and approximate the distance. You will get through the platforms slowly, but it is safe for you. You will pass them without falling. Use this method to get an impressive score.

Stretch your character's stick gradually

You should be slow when extending the stick to approximate the distance. You may create the perfect stick to help the ninja get through tough platforms. Let's show your skill in the game to win. Good luck!