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Stickman Planks Fall

About Stickman Planks Fall


Stickman Planks Fall is a fantastic running game. Control your character, outrun the others by building some excellent shortcuts and become a winner.

To compete against others, you will play as a stickman character. Control your character to enter the race track, make an effort not to fall out of the track, and gather as many boards as possible. Use your boards you have to build a shortcut so that you can go to the finish line more quickly. However, the character moves more slowly if it brings a lot of planks. However, if you do not have enough boards to make a lengthy bridge, you can not become the first. To complete the mission as quickly as possible, come up with an excellent strategy. What is more interesting is that there are 16 participants divided into 16 doors on the same board. Once each stage is finished, this board will appear and show those who are eliminated. The victor will be the final survivor. You will get a bonus as a gift. You can alter your character's appearance by purchasing new outfits and caps with the number of gold coins. Try to become the champion in this game, then play Fall Race Season 2 if you finish the game.

How to play: Use the arrow keys to play.

Some tips to win

Collect the right amount of boards: Because your character's speed is affected by the number of planks you have, collect the necessary planks to build a shortcut. You will have more chances to win if you can shorten the distance to the finish line while maintaining your speed.

Combine the use of arrow keys: You will control the character better and stay on the right track. You will not lose too many planks and save time to reach the finish line.

The shop in Stickman Planks Fall

Use many gold coins you have to customize for your character.

  • To change your character's shirt, you need many coins. The shirts in the shop are divided into some types, such as Gold League, Mega League, Legends League, and Normal. For special shirt types, you need a large number of coins to pay for the shirt. Try to win to collect many gold coins.
  • Hats in the shop are very unique. They can be special caps or eye-catching animal-shaped hats, including crowns, bunny hats, magic hats, worker hats, etc.