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Subway Surfers New Orleans

Some things about Subway Surfers New Orleans


Play Subway Surfers New Orleans to get more new experiences with an endless race track. Control your character to escape the police and get more gold coins.

You will transform into Jack who is pursued by the cops and his dog because of graffiti on the subway. Your mission is to help him to get away. In this game, the chase is quite intense. If you bump into anything or fall, you will get caught. On the subway, you will have to jump over barriers, avoid carriages, stay clear of moving trains, and figure out how to get away from the police's pursuit. What is more interesting, the chases and racing in the game are spectacular because of the progressive increase in the subway and the number of obstacles, which gives you the feeling that you are actually running away. You risk dying when you hit something or fall.

Subway Surfers New Orleans was developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, this game is also available in the web browser.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control

Some great features of Subway Surfers New Orleans

Many characters to select

The most famous character is Jack. Besides, the other characters are also vibrant and diverse. You can choose any character to play. You will not encounter any other requirements when choosing a character, so you can choose your favorite character to start the game.

Many items and upgrades

You can buy some other new items that help you to be stronger. Choose Hoverboard to make the game more interesting. You will use the new hoverboard to run on the subway. When you purchase some mystery boxes, you may get more coins. Buy the Score booster and Headstar to boost your character.

You can use upgrades like a Jetpack to fly or a Super Sneaker to jump over obstacles. A Coin Magnet and a 2x Multiplier are also available, which will be twice the number of coins and points you receive.