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Super Flappy Mario

Some interesting things about Super Flappy Mario

Enter Super Flappy Mario to try out a new type of Mario game. In this game, players will direct Mario to fly as far as possible. Have you a great time!

In the game Super Flappy Mario, players must assist Mario in flapping his wings and flying through the gaps between tubes and obstacles. The higher your score, the further Mario flies. Obtaining a high score, on the other hand, is considered a difficult task because it is very easy to collide with the tube. Flying too high or too low is not a good idea. You must make adjustments so that Mario does not collide with the tubes. When flapping, you will also see a lot of turtle and mushroom symbols. Let's go collect mushrooms because each time you collect them, you'll gain 5 points. In contrast, you must avoid turtles because touching them once will result in a ten-point deduction. Let's click some times continuously like Flappy Bird so that your Mario can fly higher.

Features of the game

  • The game is designed in the Mario style.
  • Interesting gameplay and easy to control.
  • One player