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Some things about Surviv.io

Some rules

Surviv.io offers an intense survival fight for many characters. The game requests you to kill others to acquire their equipment and be the last person to win.

You start the game with no weapons or equipment. However, as you defeat others, you can steal their weapons and gear, and take their riches, and you steadily acquire strength. Basic survival is the focus of this timeless survival shooting game. To continue, locate a weapon and some ammo and outfit yourself with these. Consumables can be used to restore your energy and adrenaline levels. Play carefully and strategically because there is no chance of resurrecting once you die. Additionally, keep in mind that the game requires you to void locked red regions. You will win if you are the person who still stays on the playing field. There are numerous game types available, including single-player, double-player, and four-player teams.

Make an effort to gather as many potatoes as you can. You can trade in items you earn for the same golden potato in the shop or recharge to buy potatoes. Keep in mind that you may access more features, such as maps, and make buying and selling products easier if you log in using one of the methods like Facebook, Twitch, Google, or Discord.

How to control

WASD key to walk around

The mouse to aim.

The left Mouse Button to fire/ melee.

Mouse Wheel to change weapons.

Q key to switch to the previous weapon.

T key or drag the gun to another position to change the gun position.

R key to reload.

F key to pick up/ steal/ revive.

X key to cancel the action.

M or G key to view the map.

V key to change the minimap.

Some outstanding features of Surviv.io

The game modes

There are three modes for you to choose from. You can join your friends in the game to increase your friendship. You will have hours of relaxation with this game. In addition, teamwork skills are also greatly improved through the game. Choose your favorite game mode to get started. They are

Many challenging missions

Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, countless fascinating quests are waiting for you. You will complete each task in turn and receive rewards. These tasks can be increased if you log into the game. Can you complete all these complex missions?