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Sweet Candy Halloween

Interesting things about Sweet Candy Halloween

Sweet Candy Halloween is a BestGamesFreePlay.com arcade and puzzle game. To destroy groupings of identical tiles as your objective, you must match them.

This game is a lot of fun and a fantastic way to relax your mind and develop your eyes and brain. As I mentioned previously, at least three same Halloween tiles must be grouped in order to vanish. You will have to win the game by destroying a predetermined number of tiles in a predetermined amount of time. If you are unable to finish it, you lose.

The game also features numerous stages with progressively harder requirements. Besides, finding three identical Halloween tiles is also challenging among a hundred tiles. As a result, it gets harder and harder to be the winner. However, after a while of playing, you will see it is simple than you think. Moreover, you will get a certain number of coins as a prize for doing a level's objective. Enjoy your time!

How to play

To destroy the tiles, match at least three of the same tiles by swiping.