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Tilefall io

About Tilefall io


Tilefall io is an interesting game with the participation of many other people. You have to control your character to stay as high as possible while jumping.

You will transform into an imposter who is the main character in Hex A Mong. Control it to run around the playing field to avoid falling bricks. There are many floors in the game. You and the others will be on the top floor of the tower. You can run anywhere as long as you do not go into the hole that other people make. Because the tiles on each floor will fall if anyone touches them, run as fast as you can to stay in the tiles that haven't fallen and create as many holes as possible to make your opponent fall. You will be the winner if you are the last to reach the bottom floor. In contrast, you will lose if you are the first to fall to the bottom floor. In addition, when finishing your task, you will get many coins. Use them to buy some exciting items, including a Magic hat, Pink hat, Cat ears, Colander, and so on.

How to play

Use WASD to move.

Use the Space bar to jump.

Use the mouse to look around.

Some game modes in Tilefall io

Play with random others

When you click the Play button on the screen, you will play with many opponents who come from around the world. There will be a lot of people joining with you, and let’s start the thrilling match to find the ultimate winner. Can you be ranked? Try to get the highest rank.

Play with friends

Click the Create Party button to create a private room, and then share your link with your friends. You will be able to play with acquaintances, and your relationship will be closer. The game will help you to entertain and enhance some necessary skills such as teamwork skills, response skills, and ingenuity. Good luck!