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Tiny Fishing

Some information about Tiny Fishing

The rules

Tiny Fishing is an exciting game dedicated to your entertainment. A simple task is set to catch fish of great value to upgrade in the following turns.

Fishing is one of the most loved forms of entertainment. However, for some reason, you cannot go fishing, and you can join this simulation game. You will be immersed in memorable fishing sessions with the fisherman character. Will you help him catch many fishes to earn dollars and gold coins?

Your task is not too difficult. You must drop the hook and move it around to catch more fish. First of all, the number of fish you can catch is only two. After you have accumulated enough money, you can use them to upgrade the number of fishing that you can catch in a time. Click on the Max Fish button to upgrade. In addition, you should also gradually upgrade the depth of the fishing line. The deeper you cast, the more valuable fish you will catch. They will help you quickly have enough money to upgrade the number of fish and the length of the fishing line. Remember that the price of each upgrade will increase gradually. The higher you upgrade, the more money you have to pay. Moreover, you also play Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout when you finish your task.

How to play

Use the left mouse to play.

Some features of Tiny Fishing

The hooks in the game

You can earn money to upgrade a few things that make fishing easier, such as the number of fish and the length of the fishing line. These two things are critical in catching fish. However, the hook is equally essential. You cannot use the money to exchange hooks. You must accumulate the required amount of gold coins to unlock them. These hooks will make it easier for your fish to get caught in the trap. As a result, you will make more money from your job. Click the Hooks button to select the hook you love.

The aquarium in the game

After completing the previous work, you can participate in the aquarium to continue fishing. Aquarium fish are usually of great value. They can help you increase the amount significantly. Join now to get more money.