Some things about Vex 4

The gameplay

Welcome to Vex 4 to conquer challenging levels and excellent strategy. Command the stickman character and dodge obstacles to complete all assignments.

You are discovering the fourth version of Vex 7. In this edition, you may encounter more challenges. Let's play a little to get some practice. You will be immediately given the tutorial when the game is first started. The tutorial will teach you the basics of the game, how to control your stickman, and some of the obstacles you will face later in Acts. Act 1, for instance, requests an extension of the tutorial. This Act will allow you to get more comfortable with the controls, show you how to utilize your stickman to perform specific feats, and introduce you to brand-new challenges and ones you might recognize from previous Vex game series. Let's try your best to overcome almost deadly traps. You can use two keys to navigate your character. Act 2 also includes water activities. There were some water scenes in earlier editions of the game series, but you also had to be concerned about drowning. Your character can drown while swimming if you do not pay close enough attention to his breathing. After playing all Acts, you can join Just Fall LOL which is also available for you.

How to control

WASD to move.

Some traits of Vex 4

There are numerous challenging Acts

There are several obstacles and traps in each Act. You could find it challenging to go through them because they are spikes, pinions, unstable blocks, and high walls. Let's come up with an excellent strategy to pass. Several keys can be combined to aid your character fully.

There are unlimited turns

You can play over and over. You could lose 100 lives before you reach the flag. Failure provides an opportunity to do better in the following turns. Remember that the number of lives lost cannot demonstrate your failure. Let's have fun and win the game.