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Wheelie Bike

Some fantastic things about Wheelie Bike

The rules

Wheelie Bike is a distinctive driving game. Your goal in this game is to assist your character in traveling as far as they can by riding the bike on one wheel.

Driving a vehicle in this game will improve some of your skills. The bike will be under your control, so you must maintain and cover the most distance. Nevertheless, you cannot operate a vehicle normally. A true racer will only use one wheel. You must maintain mouse control after the starting point. To avoid losing, keep in mind that you cannot ride with both wheels on the track. Running a vehicle on just one wheel will be more challenging than usual because you will be put at high risk. There are a lot of rocky roads. Your bike needs to be skillfully steered through it. Avoid letting both wheels contact the pavement and avoid falling are rules that will help you go far.

In addition, You should score as many points as possible in this game. After each turn, improve your best performance. How far can you go? You can unwind for hours with the game. Play this game to see how well you can control your bike. If you are keen on the driving and controlling vehicle game, you also can play Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some excellent tips to win in Wheelie Bike

Find the right balance

You need to make your bike as balanced as possible when it can only go on one wheel. This is hard, but you can adjust how much you hold the left mouse button down to ensure your bike doesn't touch both wheels to the ground. The game requires you to have ingenuity and agility when controlling the bike. Will you complete the task excellently?

Start while you're still at the starting line

You should prepare everything. You should start lifting the wheel even if you haven't started, which will help you avoid the fact that just passing the starting line has to end the game. The game will not accept any situation if you hit both wheels on the road.