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Wings Rush Forces

Some information about Wings Rush Forces

The gameplay

Welcome to Wings Rush Forces where you can entertain with the amusing discovery. Control the bird character to dodge dangerous obstacles and finish the level.

In this fast-paced running adventure, you have to navigate the little bird to save the planet. What about dangerous creatures, armed robots, and contaminated waters? They are dangerous obstacles on the way that you must overcome if you want to survive and pass the next level. Your goal in this captivating skill game is to live. Do whatever it takes to make sure you stay safe. You cannot lose too many lives. Once the game begins, your character immediately begins to run. To make the bluebird jump and dodge the obstacles, you should use some keys on the keyboard to control it. 

Finally, do not disregard the rings. They are your reward after your efforts. Collect them as soon as possible. Remember that the number of rings can also be lost when you collide with obstacles. They will be reduced gradually after each collision. Try to keep many rings and become the one who owns a large number of rings. Both Fall Beans and this game are available on platforms, so you can select to play.

How to control

Use the WASD or the arrow keys to play.

Some tips to become the winner in Wings Rush Forces

Collect the power-ups in the game

There are many power-ups that you can collect. You use them to be able to complete tasks faster. Their function is to make you jump higher or make obstacles disappear instantly. Take advantage of these power-ups to get more rings and level up.

Use the lives effectively

You only have 3 lives per level. Do not crash into the obstacles to save your life. If you die more than 3 times, the game will be over. Lives make the game more difficult. You must also be more careful when overcoming obstacles to avoid wasting your life. Good luck.