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Xmas Slope

Some outstanding information about Xmas Slope

The gameplay

Welcome to Xmas Slope to experience Santa's Christmas gift-collecting journey. Assist Santa to control the sleigh, avoid obstacles and collect many gifts.

Santa Claus needs to prepare a lot of gifts for this Christmas occasion. The pine forest is where he started collecting Christmas gift boxes for everyone. You need to help him collect gifts by driving the sleigh through the gifts. After that, the number of gifts will increase and you can track the number in the top corner of the screen.

However, collecting Christmas gifts in the pine forest also encounters many difficulties and troubles. First, you have to ski on the available trail. Try not to crash into any pine trees unless you will lose instantly because they make your Santa's sleigh overturn. In addition, there are also many obstacles lying in your way. They can be snowmen, rocks, or logs. Avoid them in order to go as far as possible and collect many gifts.

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How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some outstanding features of Xmas Slope

Receive the gifts after the required time ends

If you play the game long enough, you will be given a lucky gift box. It contains a large number of gifts as a reward for you. You can unlock it after 5 minutes. Try to get as many presents as possible to exchange your character and sleigh.

Purchase another character and sleigh

If you have enough gifts, you can choose another character to play. They include Santa, Ninja, and so on. Moreover, you also select another sleigh to play with. There are many sleighs for you. They are highly attractive and brilliant. Pick one to get new experiences.