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Zombie Shooter Deluxe

Some outstanding things about Zombie Shooter Deluxe

The gameplay

Zombie Shooter Deluxe is a fun game inspired by the Halloween festival. Your mission is to shoot down all the zombies on the playing field in the allotted time.

It can be said that this is an ideal game for you during the Halloween season. It will bring you an extremely new and attractive playground. You will immerse in this festive atmosphere when playing this game.

The zombies are rising. They invade everywhere and mess everything up. They look so creepy and scary. You need to destroy it from the playing field. There will be five zombies appearing at the same time on the playing field. They are distributed all over the playing field, so you need to shoot them quickly. If you shoot them all down in the allotted time, you will complete the mission and pass to the following level. However, everything is not easy at all. Although they cannot attack or shoot at you, They move horizontally from the right of the screen to the left of the screen, which makes you confused. So, it is the reason why you need to destroy all of them.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

Some strategies for you to win in Zombie Shooter Deluxe

Focus on the playing time

The time for you to complete the task is concise. If you do not take advantage of the time, you will not be able to defeat the zombies in time. You can check your remaining time through the timer and then try your best to complete the task. In addition, your time will decrease in the Medium and Hard game modes.

Don't miss shooting zombies

In each level, you only have five lives. Each time you miss, you will lose one heart. You will lose if your lives run out or there are still zombies on the playing field. Therefore, you must aim for the zombies exactly.