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Bomb It 6

Some facts about Bomb It 6

The gameplay

Bomb It 6 creates an astonishing match among many characters. Select your adorable character to start the game and place the bombs to clear all enemies.

This game is the following chapter of this game series that many people love. Both this game and Bomb It 4 are available. So, you can join now to experience the advanced features of the game.

You can unleash the most effective techniques to overcome your opponents by participating in this game. You have an easy task to complete. In order to defeat opponents, you must plant explosives and acquire power-ups on the playing surface. However, your rival is also a highly deadly opponent. They are attempting to defeat you as well. You must therefore exert more effort than they do to win the game. It's highly risky to place bombs because you or your opponent can perish anytime. Therefore, you must leave their area of effect before they kill you. Besides enemies, you also face many obstacles, such as monsters or dangerous animals.

In addition, you can play the game alone or with a friend as well. The computer will be your opponent if you play the game alone. So, you can choose options like the difficulty level, arena, and enemy count before beginning. You can also select the two-player game mode if you wish to play with a friend. On the same internet-connected electronic device, you and your partner will be able to manage charming characters. Moreover, after completing all tasks, you also play Just Fall LOL to relax.

How to control

Player 1:

WASD to move.

Spacebar to bomb.

Player 2:

The arrow keys to move.

The Enter key to bomb.

Some outstanding traits of Bomb It 6

Numerous weapons and power-ups

  • Supreme weapons: Bombs, power blasts, speed, life, shield, bomb launchers, and invincibility.
  • Remarkable power-ups: Super gloves, time bombs, flamethrowers, lightning guns, hammers, laser guns, and mighty hammers.

Some exciting game modes in the game

  • Arcade mode: You must kill all enemies on the playing field.
  • Battle Royale mode: Your task is to kill 10 enemies.
  • Green Zone mode: Occupy 10 green zones.
  • Survive mode: Be the last one standing.
  • Treasure Trail mode: Collect 10 coins.