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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

Some interesting facts about Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

The principle of the game

A fierce underwater survival war is going on Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure. You need to control the car character, avoid obstacles and complete the path.

Have you ever seen underwater combat vehicles? You will have a chance to drive it in this game which is the new version of Car Eats Car Evil Cars. The car is not like a normal car, it is like the body of fish in the sea, but they have wheels and control like a real car on the road. You should observe your surroundings because you are in a hazardous situation. Barbaric traps surround you. As a result, you may kill when you do not dodge them in time. They cost you your life or drain your energy. In addition, you also have to avoid the pursuit of hateful enemies. They follow you and are always looking to destroy you. You need to drive to escape or drop bombs to kill them quickly. Your decision will decide whether you can pass the level or not. Be a decisive player in this game for a chance to win.

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How to play

Arrow keys or WASD to turn left or right, gas, and brake.

Z, X, Left shift to use Turbo.

Space bar to throw bombs.

Some tricks to beat enemies in Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

Upgrade your car

You must improve your car in order to win the game. You need first select the Armor section. Three starters represent the three boost levels. After applying it, you can defend your opponents well. Second, Turbo will assist you in increasing your strength. The Speed section is the next feature, which helps you to go faster and outrun other drivers. The Damage will also improve your combat capacity.

Purchase a lot of bombs

Bombs are important items to destroy enemies who follow you and try to collide with you. You lose if you can't make them disappear before they destroy your car. Bombs are the ultimate weapon to help you kill them quickly. To get more bombs, you have to collect a lot of gems because bombs are costly. Save them if you want to win.