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Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Some outstanding things about Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

The rules of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure offers a fiery race track in a lava cave. You will have to pass the levels and try to collect as many gems as possible.

After the adventure under the ocean in Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure, our evil cars start a new journey in a lava cave. It is any cave formed in volcanic rock, in which there are many risks. You must control the car with your unique shape to explore this place. You will reach the finish line when you complete the track, and the progress bar in the bottom corner of the screen is full. However, reaching the finish line is not easy at all. You will face many challenges. They can be dangerous traps that are set everywhere. The sharp thorns appear to make it very difficult for you to dodge. In addition, bizarre creatures are also trying to find ways to prevent you from reaching the finish line. Try your best to navigate the car out of this place. Finally, giant monsters are lying in the wormhole. They are waiting for you to run through and take your life. Are you brave enough to overcome them?

How to play

Arrow keys or WASD to turn left or right, gas, and brake.

Z, X, Left shift to use Turbo.

Space bar to throw bombs.

Some exciting items in the garage of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Boost your car

To make your car more powerful, you can upgrade your car by selecting some boosters such as Armor, Turbo, Speed, and Damage. All of them have different functions, and the mission is to make your car a winner. You will easily move as well as fight in harsh conditions. In addition, you can also last longer if you upgrade the booster effectively.

Purchase other cars, gadgets, and bombs

Like Smash Karts, this game also offers many cars for you to select. You must complete the required levels or get many gems to unlock them. Besides cars, gadgets are the elements that help you to win. You can buy a missile launcher, magnet, and bomb replicator. In the bombs section, you can choose three types of bombs to destroy your rivals.