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Crowded City.io

Some interesting about Crowded City.io

Crowded City.io is an io game in which your goal is to expand your number of residents. Let's gather people and form the most densely populated area.

Overview of the game

Crowded City.io is a fun game suitable for all players to play for fun. Your goal in this game is to expand the population and become the leader of the inhabitants. When you start playing this game, you are just a stickman with any color. After that, you should look for the white stick people around. Touching them will make them change color to your color. At that time, they have become your citizens. You can also rob other players' citizens in the same way. However, this feature is possible with the condition that your number of citizens must be greater than the number of your opponents. Otherwise, the loser will be you. Continue to expand your population until you become king of all. If you like this game, you can also like Yohoho.io, Farm Frenzy 2, and Funny Shooter 2.