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Subway Clash 3D

Some things about Subway Clash 3D

The gameplay

A fierce battle is taking place underground in Subway Clash 3D. You will control your character and shoot to destroy all enemies with your teammates.

It is said that this game brings a competitive playing field with many opponents, which is similar to Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race. However, do not worry about that because you will play with others. They come from around the world. To distinguish between teammates and opponents, pay attention to the markings on their heads. If they have a blue triangle, they are your teammate. And vice versa. If they have a red circle, then they are your rivals. Let's use your weapons to clean them. You must remember the time for your team to kill all rivals is limited. Therefore, make an effort to aim for them in time. Besides, you also protect yourself if you do not want to lose your life. Hide in the wall or box to avoid being shot.

The game offers an intense battle underground. You must be a warrior who protects the peace of the subway by fighting against the opponent with your teammates. Can you complete all tasks? Let's try your best. Break a leg! Besides, don't forget to check out another similar game named Sniper Clash 3D.

How to control

WASD to move.

The left mouse to shoot.

The mouse to look around.

The C to crouch.

Some great features of Subway Clash 3D

The graphics and sound

The game graphics are designed to be eye-catching and suitable for the context of the subway. The dark space creates a scary feeling for you. It will stimulate you to join the game because of its reality.

The score table

After each match, the scoreboard will show you your rank. Ranking will be based on the number of skills, kills and then the total score. The person with the highest score will be ranked high. Try to kill many enemies to get to the top.