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Zombie Monster Truck

Some things about Zombie Monster Truck

The game rules

Welcome to Zombie Monster Truck to check your driving skill. The game requests you to control the truck, crash into the zombies, and reach the finish line.

In the deserted desert, you need to encounter a lot of zombies and monsters. They get in your way and make it difficult for you to reach the finish line. Therefore, you need to control the car skillfully and carefully to ensure that you can reach the finish line safely. You need to speed up to make the zombies destroyed. In addition, acceleration also helps you to go longer distances without running out of fuel.

Finally, when approaching the destination, you will encounter giant monsters. If your car does not have enough fuel, you can not kill it, which causes you to be dead and cannot complete the quest. If you are keen on the type of game related to zombies like this game, you also play Zombie Shooter Deluxe.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

Some great traits of Zombie Monster Truck

The garage in the game

Like Smash Karts, the vehicle is the important factor that makes you succeed. So, you must upgrade it. When you have enough gold coins, you can boost the details of the car, such as Fuel tank, Turbo, Wheels, Armor, Gun, Weight, Engine, and Transmission. Collect as many coins as possible to make your vehicle robust.

The shop in the game

In the shop, there are a lot of packs. They contain a large number of gold coins. You can use the diamonds you get after completing the race track to exchange them. You will receive thousands of gold coins. They will be a fund for you to upgrade your vehicle. 6 packs include a Small pack, Medium pack, Large pack, Huge pack, Gigantic pack, and Ultimate pack.