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Underwater Cycling

Some information about

The gameplay

Underwater Cycling offers an extraordinary bike ride under the sea. To reach the finish line and collect diamonds, you must control your character carefully.

In this game, you must control your character to conquer the track underwater. The condition in the ocean causes a lot of difficulties. Your character must be equipped with oxygen ad to breathe. Therefore, if your oxygen ad runs out, and your character cannot reach the finish line, you will lose. To solve this problem, you must collect many other oxygen ads on the track.

In addition, you also collect speed-up power-ups to pass the level quickly. You also do not miss diamonds. Collect as many diamonds as possible to purchase other characters.

Like Stumble Guys Online, Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure, and Fury Bike Rider are available for you.

How to control

W to move forward.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

Shift - nitro.

C to change the camera.